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Energy-saving Technology

Free Cooling
This system produces chilled water during the winter using a cooling tower that also functions as a refrigeration unit in the summer. Chilled water is produced using the natural cold air of winter instead of a refrigeration machine. If the required chilled water temperature is relatively high, the system can be used for longer periods during the year, thereby contributing to energy savings.

Flow of chilled water and cooling water in the summer

Flow of chilled water and cooling water in summer


Flow of chilled water in a free cooling system in the winter

Flow of chilled water in a free cooling system in the winter

Water Treatment
Water circulates across the entire surface of the globe. Given the vital nature of water for humankind, we offer safe, reliable and economical water treatment solutions. Based on our commitment to give the highest priority to conserving the global environment, we apply chemical-free physical water treatment methods. We offer water treatment systems that support the continued high performance of equipment for years to come by minimizing problems in cooling water and circulating water in chillers that are associated with water quality and the surrounding environment. The maintenance and management of heat exchangers are crucial for consistent product quality and cost reduction.

Closed Pipe Line
Using a closed pipe line reduces the pump heads, which lowers electricity costs. When planning the installation of large-scale, open facilities, electricity for water transportation can be significantly reduced by a closed pipe line. We recommend improvements to existing facilities as well as the installment of new ones. From what we have already learned, the depreciation period for facility improvement costs is less than one year.

Use of Vaporization Heat
Incorrect temperatures at a workplace can expose operators to physical stress. We offer a solution for improving the temperature at workplaces. Depending on installation conditions, installing equipment that utilizes vaporization heat can reduce sensible heat load at a fairly low cost.

A cogeneration system has been introduced as one of the major energy-saving approaches for recycling exhaust heat. The number of new installations continues to rise since CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming, can be significantly reduced when natural gas is used as fuel, and because of the added benefit of saving energy. Our sales of cogeneration-related products have continued to grow every year and we have established systems that meet an even larger number of needs in order to contribute to conserving the global environment.

Saving Energy and Reducing Costs
Drawing upon our extensive experience, we integrate a full range of services from research into current conditions, data analysis, planning, design and construction to validation of various products and production processes from the perspectives of saving energy and reducing costs. In this way, we support efforts to protect the environment and ease the very challenging business conditions facing our customers.

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