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Plants for Food and Related Products
We address the needs of plants that produce safe, high-quality food and related products by offering production plants for such goods as soft drinks, processing plants for margarine and other oils and fats, clean rooms for aseptic filling lines, equipment for retort production and pasteurizers.
  • Fermentation and aging equipment

  • Beverage production equipment (e.g., beer, wine and juice)

  • Food cooling equipment

  • Edible oil and liquid sugar equipment

  • Margarine production equipment

  • Retort production equipment

  • Aseptic filling equipment

  • Soap and detergent production plants

  • In soap bar production, our services for customers extend beyond each technology used in the production process for transforming oil into soap, such as saponification, salting out, finishing, drying, formulation and molding; we also support the overall design and construction of production plants, install production equipment associated with production processes and introduce the most state-of-the-art systems.

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