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Combustion Equipment

Drying Oven (Preassembled) Electric Heating Shrink Wrap Machine Full View of Research Oven

Gas Combustion Equipment
Our gas combustion equipment burns liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), both widely used, and utilizes combustion heat economically. The equipment can produce high-temperature fresh air, steam and hot water through a heat exchanger. The systems we manufacture deliver safe, stable combustion and are tailored for specific customer requirements.

Heating and Drying Equipment (Ovens)
We design, manufacture, install and maintain ovens that heat, dry and bake products using air heated by gas combustion and electrical heaters. These ovens range from small models for testing to large units for production. Close communication with customers enables us to provide the ideal ovens for individual needs related to productivity, plant layout, safety, quality, maintenance and energy saving.

Deodorizing Equipment
Our equipment applies combustion to fumes released while drying coated products and printed material, and makes it odor-free and non-hazardous, preventing air pollution. The units we manufacture use catalytic combustion at relatively low temperatures to save energy and facilitate exhaust heat recovery as well as recycling. We design deodorizing equipment suited for the given amount of exhaust and the type and quantity of organic solvent.

Electric Heating Shrink Wrap Machines
Electric heaters have traditionally been used for shrink wrapping metal and other products. Our shrink wrap machine features advanced functions not possible with conventional units, such as superior safety, high energy-saving performance using far infrared rays (FIR), beautiful packaging finish, electrical lifting systems, and easy installation.

Research Ovens
Research ovens are heating-drying units that circulate hot air produced by gas combustion to achieve stable temperature distribution and uniformly heat a product. Touch panels make these ovens easy to operate. A safety device detects earthquakes and excess blower load as well as extreme high or low temperatures and anomalies in gas pressure, ignition or air pressure. Relevant information is then displayed on a panel. The ovens can be customized to meet required specifications, including the dimensions of the steel and aluminum plate to be processed and heating temperatures.

Our smokers for ham and other foods ensure high quality by maintaining a uniform distribution of gas flow. They can be customized to meet customer needs and specifications such as processing capacity.

Rice Cookers
Our rice cooking systems heat each vessel individually and cook flavorful rice by initially applying high temperatures and then shifting to low heat. They also make excellent use of our combustion technology.

Our burner system with a secondary-air supply pipe is popular for use in ovens that make bread and confectionery, and provides significant advantages including reduction of energy consumption and costs as well as long-life operation. For more information, please see the Gas Fired Oven for Bread and Confectionery section of this site. For confectionery ovens, contact our affiliate, Naigai Vicars Co., Ltd. We also manufacture other types of high-efficiency burners.

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