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Temperature Control Systems

Mold Temperature Control Units

Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Stainless Steel FFU
Production equipment for metal and resin molding as well as other types of production lines is used to process materials into final products through heating and cooling operations.
Our own temperature control units ensure a stable supply of hot and chilled water and oil at the specified temperatures and pressures required for each process, and enable simultaneous operation of single or multiple lines with their own settings.
We have established a solid track record for delivering a variety of temperature control units, from small single-line to large 6-line models, for many diverse customers. Customer requests and requirements are fully incorporated into the planning and design of our temperature control units so that units deliver optimal performance with all types of production equipment including models manufactured overseas. We also provide unit heat sources for various requirements, such as the chilled-water and built-in chiller types.

Cooling Food Products
Our system directly or indirectly delivers a stable supply of chilled water or brine when maintaining or lowering the temperature of food products is required in the course of production, leading to controlling and improving product quality.

Volumetric Feeders
Used on production lines for confectionery, bread and other food products, this equipment automatically feeds a specified quantity of material, such as water, shortening or other supplementary ingredients, at a constant temperature. This helps to ensure consistent product quality while also simplifying operations.

Special Air-conditioners
We manufacture a variety of special air-conditioners for production sites, including energy-saving units tailored for machinery used in metal and PET molding, units for clean rooms, fan filter units (FFUs), and FFUs for aseptic filling systems. The air-conditioners we have designed for the needs and requirements of specific production lines have achieved significant energy savings over the years.

In various production lines, when condensation occurs on pipes and machine parts due to cooling of production equipment with chilled water or when the quality of hygroscopic products deteriorates because of exposure to high ambient humidity, cooling and dehumidifying or reheating can be applied to lower the humidity. However, maintaining a low ambient humidity requires considerable electricity for refrigeration equipment and reheat energy. We apply chemical dehumidification using a special honeycomb rotor to keep the dew point below zero degrees Celsius, thereby achieving energy savings by maintaining a suitable environment for a variety of production equipment and improving product storage conditions.

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