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Strong Bonds Established with Technology and Trust
Naigai Industries, Inc. has developed trusting relationships with customers by providing its comprehensive expertise, from planning, development, after-sales service and environmentally sound solutions to providing advanced technologies. As customer needs diversify, we focus all our creativity on creating the best solutions, which include lower costs for our customers. Furthermore, our one-stop support system integrates services, from review, research, planning, design, construction and measurement to maintenance. Everything we do through these efforts is done to earn customer trust.

Our Advantage
  • We manufacture every product with the utmost care and devotion.
  • We not only provide the best products but also develop technology to meet customer requirements.
  • We meticulously think through every project to determine what technology will be most effective.

Air-conditioning Equipment: Air-conditioning
Since the company's founding, it has served as the sales agent in Japan for Vilter, a major U.S. industrial refrigeration brand. Capitalizing on our advanced technologies, we handle the planning, development, design, construction and after-sales service for a variety of air-conditioning systems, including refrigerators and ice-making machines.
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Air-conditioning Equipment: Ventilation
Our systems facilitate the creation of the best possible production environments by drawing upon our proven expertise in maintaining positive pressure in plants while also benefiting from our research, planning, design and construction experience related to ventilation systems in order to ensure every production process receives proper air flow.
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Temperature Control Systems
Production equipment for metal and resin molding as well as other types of production lines is used to process materials into final products through heating and cooling operations. We manufacture unique temperature control units that supply hot and chilled water and oil at the specified temperatures and pressures required for each process, and enable simultaneous operation of single or multiple lines with their own settings. We possess a proven record for delivering a variety of temperature control units, from small single-line to large 6-line models.
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Combustion Equipment
We design and manufacture hot-air ovens for drying solvent or coating applied to metal sheets, other metal products and films, and manufacture combustion equipment for both testing and production. We plan, design and manufacture various types of equipment from small-lot to mass production applications to provide combustion equipment that suits our customers' needs and requirements.
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Gas Fired Oven for Bread and Confectionery
In the field of LNG and LPG combustion system control, we have developed proprietary, internationally competitive technology. Ovens equipped with this technology are highly regarded by bread, confectionery and other food manufacturers. We are also focused on designing and manufacturing energy-saving products.
Naigai Vicars Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 as a joint venture with Simon Vicars, Ltd., a leading U.K. manufacturer of confectionery production equipment that commands a large global market share. The company subsequently became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naigai Industries, Inc. It now provides ovens for baked confectionery and other products at competitive prices and is extending the market across the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia.
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Plants for Food and Related Products
To meet the needs of comprehensive food production facilities that turn out safe, high-quality food, we offer plant facilities for manufacturing soft drinks, processing margarine and other oils and fats, clean rooms for aseptic filling lines, equipment for retort production and pasteurizers.
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Energy-saving Technology
As food production equipment needs diversify, we are developing technologies that reduce environmental impact, lower energy consumption and control production lines for safe food products.
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