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Quality and Environmental Policies

Corporate Philosophy & Mission
Corporate Philosophy : "Maintaining a path of sustainable growth"
Mission : "Committed to delivering progressive technologies for the future"

Quality & Environmental Policy
A company exists for society, its customers, and its employees. While observing laws in every circumstance, we always strive to engage in conduct that adheres to social and related rules. While carrying out business with the ancient Japanese mercantile precept of sanpo-yoshi (beneficial in three directions), which advocates benefits to the seller, the buyer, and society, we engage in continued improvement as described below.

Quality Activity Guidelines
1. Our customers are mainly food manufacturers and food container manufacturers. By directly receiving orders from our customers for the design, production, installation, and construction of production equipment and facilities in the production lines at their plants, we engage in the occupation of developing production lines with those customers while drawing near and getting in close contact with them. Consequently, while we are proud of always being development technicians, we conduct our work with unceasing modesty and the unyielding spirit of making our own technology obsolete.
2. The seeds for our development are in our customers' production locations. For that reason, we frequently visit these locations, look at them while dispensing of any preconceptions, and listen to the voices of our customers.
3. Quality exists for the benefit of our customers. Accordingly, in order for our products and services to achieve quality that satisfies our customers, our entire company always acts as one and strives toward the promotion and improvement of business.
4. In addition, in order for us, as a technology development group, to reliably deliver the quality that our customers demand, we constantly keep the company's financial structure in a sound state, and conduct continued improvement.

Environmental Activity Guidelines
1. We do not provide products or services that injure people or, through environmental pollution or destruction, harm human health or the sustained development of humanity.
2. We thoroughly conserve resources by doing everything possible to reduce the weight of the equipment we manufacture and the facilities we construct.
3. We select environmentally friendly power and heat source equipment with features such as reducing CO2 emissions or being CFC-free.
4. Without exception, we give consideration to the recycling of the exhaust heat generated by our equipment and facilities.
5. We promote the execution of prefabrication in our specified plants and minimize on-site facility work to the greatest extent possible.
6. Without exception, we check the energy consumption levels of delivered equipment and facilities under actual operating conditions.
7. In our office activities, we promote energy saving, resource conservation, and recycling.
8. In addition to the above, in our plant activities, we proactively strive to prevent pollution of the global and local environments, including the reduction and proper management of waste matter and chemical substances, and continuously conduct improvements.

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