Corporate Philosophy『Maintaining a path of sustainable growth』Basic Approach『A team of engineers working under the principle of

Every team member takes charge of their own project from start to finish. Our basic approach is simply expressed as, “One Person, One Project.” We expect more than what you have learned or achieved in the past; we are interested in your potential for the future.

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are drawn to our dynamic “One Person, One Project” approach and have the creativity needed to generate value from scratch.

Naigai Industries, Inc. will support your professional development for as long as you maintain a spirit of challenge and reach beyond your past experiences. And we are ready to provide you with the ideal environment for engineering work.

See Employment Contact Information for more.

Employment Information
Positions and qualifications Engineering
Bachelor's degree
Certificate of graduation from a school of mechanical engineering, electrical or electronic engineering, aeronautical engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering, applied science or nutritional science

Bachelor's degree
Certificate of graduation from a school of law, commerce, business administration, economics, Japanese language/literature, English language/literature, Home economics, or nutritional science

Corporate Human Resource Structure
Locations Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Sales Office, Fukuoka Sales Office
Scope of business Industrial air-conditioning, computerized control systems, low-temperature equipment, combustion equipment, oil and fat processing equipment, soft drink production equipment
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, paid leave, special leave (wedding, funeral, etc.)
Benefits Social Security
Health insurance, employees' pension insurance, employment insurance, workers' injury insurance, corporate pension insurance
Health Management
Membership with Pipe Industry Health Insurance Society Activities to promote employee health and well-being
Welfare Activities
Company retreats, sports club activities, etc.
Rental housing system is available

Application Procedures
Required documents Resume, university certificate of achievement, university certificate of graduation, health certificate
Applicant eligibility Expected to graduate in March 2021
Application method With or without recommendation from university
Selection Interview, aptitude test, writing test and medical examination
Notification of decision Sent within seven days of selection date

Company Visit
You are welcome to visit our Head Office, Osaka Sales Office or Fukuoka Sales Office.
Please inform us of your visit by telephone in advance.
For additional information, please e-mail or contact us via the following options.

Employment Contact Information
Management General Affairs Nishizawa, Director
Phone: +81-3-3562-1041 (Ext. 208) (15th Floor, GranTokyo South Tower)
Osaka Sales Office Shibano, General Manager
Phone: +81-6-6245-3431 (4th Floor, Semba Central Building)
Fukuoka Sales Office Nakashima, General Manager
Phone: +81-92-292-1867 (2nd Floor, NMF Hakataekimae Building)
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